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Here's a look at some of our cousins that have sent me their photos to be posted

[Karen Beidelman]

Karen Beidelman

[Theresa/Michael Berg/Hurlock]

Theresa Anne Berg was born in 1954 in Silverton, OR, was raised in Portland, OR and has resided in Seattle, WA for the past 25 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Seattle Pacific College. She married Michael Hurlock in 1994 in South Lake Tahoe, CA. She is a descendant of Jacob Silvuse of Virginia, son of William Silvius Jr., son of William Silvius Sr. She has auburn hair and freckles.

[Johnny Womack Case]

Johnny Womack Case, born 9/14/1935 in Horatio, Sevier, Ark. at home of great-grandparents, Walter Adelbert Silvis (b. 1877 Burlington, DesMoines, Iowa) and Mary M. Bowers. Walter's parents were A. W. Silvis and Phoebe Stewart, both born in Pa.

[Evelyn Kaye Davis]

Evelyn Kaye Davis, Muncie, Indiana
Born 1938, Muncie, Indiana. Daughter Stephanie, twin grandsons (Clayton and Wesley), and son Elliott are in the SILVIUS line through Nicholas SILVIUS, Sr.'s daughter, Maria Elizabeth SILVIUS (1772-1852) who married John Adam BAKER (1770-1832) and they came to Indiana in 1860.

[Bruce Hall]

Bruce Hall's


Joan Webb Musser, the great grandaugther of Lizzie Homer Silfies of Northhampton, PA. Joan Webb Musser(9), Joan Strawbridge(8), Dorothy Porter(7), Lizzie Homer Silfies(6), William Henry(5), Samuel(4), John(3), Henry(2), William(1)
My husband and I with our two children, Jason Troy and JoAnna Elizabeth Webb, moved to Lakeland Florida in 1981, where Wanyne and I still reside. I'm an accountant by profession and am currently Director of Administrative Services for a quasi-government agency. Wayne's in industrial sales, Jason is an accountant in Orlando going for his CPA and JoAnna is an assistant producer for CBS news in Tallahassee.


Michael Alvin Silveus, born July 26, 1954 in Riverside Ca.. Descendant of William Silvius of Palatine, Germany. Currently single. Besides the SilviusWave, I'm very involved in astronomy and am a key player in our clubs electronics oriented subgroup. I am currently working on a Robotic Telescope design that will be accessible via the Internet for the club. I spent 7+ years in the Air Force 1972-80 then went to work at Goldstone Space Tracking center in California. I left after one year because I couldn't stand to be in a union as much as I loved to work at Goldstone. I now work for a telecommunication company writing software applications. And like several of us have always had a love affair with the forests and am currently studying herbs and their medicinal uses.


Edia Monroe Silvis, born April 30, 1934 in Corry, PA. Descendant of Johann Henrich Silvius through Henry of Ross Township and David of Red Bank. B.S. in missiology from Nyack College, Nyack, NY, 1955. Married to Carolyn Dorothy Peterson from Jamestown, NY June 18, 1955. 3 children, 10 grandchildren. Pastor in Virgie, KY 1955-56. Missionary (The Christian and Missionary Alliance) to Gabon Republic, Africa from 1956-1986. Pastor in Montreal, QC, Canada 1989-1994. Interim pastor in Corry 1995-96. Retired in Corry, PA. Enjoys fishing, hunting, picture puzzles, reading, gardening, and his latest hobby, genealogy by e-mail, thanks to the SW!

[Jerry Silvious]

Jerry Silvious Home Page

[Don & Cathy Silvius]

Don and Cathy Silvius, Don born 1958 in the Shenandoah Valley, married 1993
Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, WV.
Have been a programmer, analyst, technician for a library automation company since 1989. Write a monthly column for the online magazine "O Shenandoah! Country Rag" called "Holler Notes"
I'm a major Civil War buff, a former performing musician (keyboardist) and songwriter (wrote and performed the music for our wedding), and have just recently taken up painting (acrylics on canvas)
I'm so involved in (local) Little League Baseball, they elected me League Treasurer for this year!
Likes to hang out in old cemeteries looking for dead people - the older the better! Descended from Isaac Silvius, son of William - through his son Martin, a Confederate veteran.

[M. C. Silvius]

Marcel Silvius (Maarten Cornelis) born March 8, 1961. Happily married to Ariette and having two children: Joanne, age 10 and Bart, age 6. I'm a school teacher in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. A small town about 10 kms from the Hague and 25 kms from Rotterdam. My first known relative was Johannes Sylvius, born 1607 in Zwaluwe. He was a reverend or minister in the town 'Heusden', which was at that time a major 'harbor-city' at the endings of the rivers Rhine and Maas. Almost all my ancestors have lived in the region of Zwaluwe, Willemstad, Rotterdam and Vlaardingen. My father, Lambertus Pieter Silvius, was born in Rotterdam (1934).

My home page is

[Terri Silves Story]

Me, Jim and our grand-daughter, Corrine.
Terri Silves Story

[Tammy & Loren Stevenson]

Tammy & Loren Stevenson


Richard Winder, Forest Service Profile
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